We’re partnering with Maleeha to educate young men and women in Pakistan on their sexual and reproductive rights, by raising funds for Aahung.

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About the Campaign

From Maleeha

Since its founding, Dafa Hoja has been committed to supporting great causes and organizations. That’s why, we’re extremely excited to announce that we’re partnering up with Maleeha to launch our new Hum Nahi Toh Kaun line for Aahung!


From Maleeha:

“I am a marketing professional based out of Chicago, with a passion for supporting women’s rights in Pakistan during my free time. For the last couple of years I have been keeping up with cases of sexual abuse and rape in Pakistan through my own personal research. That’s when I found Aahung. Aahung focuses on grassroots movements in order to prevent rape/sexual abuse in Pakistan, through educating young men and women on their sexual and reproductive rights. I truly believe that education is the best way to prevent these issues and shift toxic cultural norms that lead to victim blaming rhetoric and the sexualization of women. As a woman who was born and raised in the United States, I have a certain level of privilege that many women in Pakistan do not have, particularly women coming from lower income families. I believe it is our responsibility use our own education and privilege to bring awareness to this problem in Pakistan. Because if we don’t, who will? This is where the phrase ‘hum nahi toh kaun’ stems from, and it is the same mentality that people in Pakistan who are fighting for change, carry with themselves. If we stop waiting around for others to better the world, and start doing it ourselves, the results are unstoppable.”

About Aahung